NASA Is Lying About Comet ISON Claims Physics Professor



Maverick physicist James McCanney spoke about the coming of Comet ISON in 2013, which is predicted to be 15 times brighter than the full moon by November, and could be immense in size.

When something like this happens, one has to be very cautious, but after examining the data that I have seen…

I would say that it appears to be real. Furthermore one of the possible companions appears to be at about two lunar distances (half a million miles) and has not formed a coma for some odd reason.

If the object is orbiting the nucleus of the comet at that distance it implies that the nucleus of this comet is possibly as big or bigger than Earth.

Also, with companions we will be able to directly calculate the mass, and therefore the size of the comet nucleus using standard astronomical methods. NASA tier two scientists have already put their foot in their mouths with an estimate based on some geeee whiz bad science.

As I have said before one of the biggest open lies at NASA is concerning the size of comet nuclei, always minimizing them to almost nothing and then trying to promote their incorrect dirty snowball comet model.

We know they can directly measure comet nuclei with radio telescopes so why all the bad science and opiniated estimates?

Normally no one would be able to contradict them because they hold the reigns of the radio telescopes, and who is to contradict them? But with companions, we use a simple astronomical formula and wala we have the mass of the nucleus and there is nothing NASA can do about that.

With the recent interaction of this comet with Earth, while the comet was at the range of Jupiter’s orbit, this would be the second indication that this is a whopper of a comet.

NASA has been extremely active in damage control on this comet and just today issued a video clearly doing damage control. Why all the announcements, when the comet (according to NASA) will not even be visible until next November? James McCanney

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