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Woman Gives Birth To Lizard?

A woman who ‘gave birth’ to a lizard has been threatened by an angry lynch mob who accused her of witchcraft. Debi…


Frozen Humanoid Discovered In Himalayan Cavern?

A group of climbers on an expedition in the Himalaya Mountains, have stumbled upon a complex of caverns that seem to have recently…


Strange Fireball UFO Caught Over Northampton

  A schoolgirl captured incredible footage of a fireball dancing in the skies above her home in Northampton. Katie Real, 11, noticed…


Woman Spotted Flight MH370 On Fire, Accompanied By Two Other Airplanes

British woman Katherine Tee is saying she spotted what she believes is the missing Malaysian Air flight MH370 while she was sailing….


UFO Disc Caught Over New South Wales, Australia

  Was the strange light hovering in the sky over Dee Why Beach on Wednesday morning a UFO? Local resident Don Jeffery…


Bizarre Zombie-Like Activity Reported Across America

Absolutely bizarre, zombie-like activity is now being reported across the entire country as documented in this recently released video. Is this some…


Helicopter Records Two UFOs Over Puerto Rico

A video uploaded to Youtube, apparently shows two UFOs recorded by an infra-red camera from a Homeland Security helicopter.   The remarkable…


Anonymous Blows MH370 Mystery Wide Open

Mystery continues to surround the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 despite the declaration by the Malaysian government that the ill-fated Boeing 777…


JP Morgan Banker Kills Himself To Escape Into Parallel Universe

Stranger than fiction: Did J. P. Morgan executive Gabriel Magee commit suicide because he thought he could escape into another dimension?   An…


Weird Photo Shoot At Bilderberg Hotel

Infowars has obtained startling footage which shows individuals inside the Marriott Hotel, site of Bilderberg 2014, engaged in a bizarre homo-erotic hotel…